Pretty pink

Heyyy guys!


So a few days ago I went to boots and Superdrug and just bought a few things. I don’t often treat myself to make up, I only usually buy it when I really need it.


First I went to Superdrug and I bought this gorgeous eye shadow palette. The brand is revolution and it cost me £4.00. I love the colours in this palette, it is mainly made up of pinks and purples. I don’t own any eye shadow that are these type of colours as most of mine are browns, greys and blacks. But I am in love with this and I think the price was so cheap!


Then I went to Boots and picked a new Essie nail polish. I wanted a nice pink colour as I don’t have many pink nail varnish’s. I saw ‘in stitches’ shade and instantly fell in love with it because it is just so pretty. My Essie nail varnish cost me £7.99 as that’s how much most of the Essie nail varnish’s are.


I also bought a new lipstick and liner from Maybelline. I haven’t treated myself to a lipstick in a while so I couldn’t resist. I wanted a quite nude colour and I have wanted to try out a Maybelline lipstick for a while. I chose it in the coffee craze colour ‘740’ and it cost me £6.99 which I think is very reasonable from a drugstore. I then wanted a lip liner to go with it as I only have dark red lip liners. I chose this in the colour 132 sweet pink and it goes with the lipstick very nicely. The lip liner cost me £3.99 which I didn’t think was too bad.


Now when I went to the till I found out with was 3 for 2 so the lady said to me I could go back and pick something else. Now I am in love with the baby lips so I thought I would treat myself to another one and also I was getting it for free. I chose the peach kiss one and it also goes with my lipstick and my lip liner!

I noticed that everything I bought was some sort of pink shade aha..what a coincidence! Hope you are all okay! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post.

Inspired Elegance xx


4 thoughts on “Pretty pink

  1. Lovely post! The make up revolution eyeshadow palette contains some really pretty shades. I can’t believe it was only £4, what a bargain! I will definitely be putting this on my wishlist. x

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  2. Ooh I was just looking at the Coffee Craze lipstick by Maybelline yesterday at my local drugstore! It’s a gorgeous colour. Good buys you have there 🙂

    By the way I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Details are up on my blog hehe 🙂

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