Outfit of the week (6)


Hello lovelies,

It is finally starting to get a tad warmer and it has been really sunny lately. Due to the sun I just had to wear some brighter clothes and get out of the boring, dark colours for winter. So today I am wearing a pink cami top which is from New Look and cost me £9.99. Then I am wearing white, high wasted jeans which are also from New Look and these cost me £25.00! I love white jeans so much! Then I am wearing my favourite cardigan which is a pretty blue and from Dorothy Perkins and I think it cost me about £16.00, I cant really remember. I styled this look with my blue and beige handbag also from New Look and it cost me about £20.00. Then I finally got to wear my sunglasses! These are just from Primark and cost about £3.00. It made me so happy wearing bright colours again and I really hope this is the beginning of Spring.

Hope you’re all okay!

Inspired Elegance xxx

two.jpg  one.jpg five.jpg


11 thoughts on “Outfit of the week (6)

  1. Hey 🙂

    Lovely outfit! I really love the jeans but I look crap in high waisted pants. (as in I have quite a boyish figure and high waisted pants just make me look worse) However, I do own a pair of black high waisted shorts and surprisingly, that seems to work.
    Anyhow, great outfit. Screams ‘spring’ and sunny days to me haha 🙂



  2. now that its warmer, i tend to wear more pastel colors as well! I love the white jeans. i think it looks great with any color outfit and looks very polished! if you get a chance, come check out my fashion and fitness blog as well!
    -Sincerely Aimee


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