Batiste Vs Herbal Essences

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Dry shampoo is just a life saver isn’t it? Once I discovered it I have never gone back, I always have to have a bottle of dry shampoo on my desk. I am going to be comparing the Batiste dry shampoo to the Herbal Essances dry shampoo. I usually get the batiste dry shampoo, foral and flirty blush. However the Herbal Essences one was on offer so I thought I would try it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I love the price for this dry shampoo as it is only £2.99 from Superdrug. I also find the packaging so cute for it! I also find that it lasts me ages! I only have to buy a new one every 2 months or so. When my hair is starting to look a little greasy, I can spray this on my hair and it makes it look so much cleaner and not greasy. The only disadvantage to this dry shampoo is that it produces so much powder and dust. By this I mean it makes my hand feel really dry when rubbing it in and makes me have white marks everywhere. But overall I love this shampoo!

Herbal Essences

I have had a bad experience with this dry shampoo and it has put me off completely and I wont be buying it again. It may just be a faulty one however there are other disadvantages that I do not like about the product. The product is the same price as the batiste dry shampoo however it is only 180ml where as the batiste dry shampoo is 200ml. It doesn’t work on my hair either, I noticed no difference at all. It doesn’t add volume to my hair like the batiste dry shampoo. Also the product broke on me! It is only half full and I can’t use it anymore as the top which you press to spray has stopped working. I found this so annoying as I have not got my money worth at all!

Overall I am going to stick to using my batiste dry shampoo as I can’t find any serious faults with it. I also just bought the limited edition batiste dry shampoo. How cute is the packaging though? So cute. It smells lovely as well.


Inspired Elegance xxx


14 thoughts on “Batiste Vs Herbal Essences

  1. This is the second good review about Batiste Dry Shampoo. I really haven’t used any dry shampoo and I want to try it now. I wonder if it is sold in the US. Great post!


  2. Am trying the Pantene pro v volume booster dry shampoo, almost as good as batiste but have to be really careful with the amount you spray on as you risk those white streaks! X


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