How to get clean make up brushes

Hello lovelies,

So it’s that time again…preparing for exams. My exams are just in a few weeks! So I have been revising, getting last bits of coursework done and just exam prep. I have an ICT exam, Media exam and a 12 hour practical textiles exam. Oh the joys are being an A level student!

So I am very sorry for not being able to write a blog post for a while! I am going to try and upload a new blog post every Wednesday around afternoon time. Then if I have time (hopefully) I will be posting another one during the week. So look out for a new blog post every Wednesday and a surprise one in the week.


Today I am going to show you how I clean my makeup brushes and what with. It is something we all have to admit to not doing enough (well I know I do). But once you clean your brushes you feel like your make up looks so much better on your skin.

I use the Mac brush cleanser for just £10.00. I buy mine from Debenhams! So first I damp my makeup brushes and use warm water. I then pour a little bit of the mac brush cleanser onto the brush (I work with one brush at a time). I then work through the brush with my fingers, pushing all the makeup out of the brush. I keep adding a little bit of warm water and adding more brush cleanser to keep rinsing the makeup out. I then towel dry the brush handle and the brush very gently and leave it on the side to dry. I work through all my brushes and then leave the rest of them on the side also. I find the foundation brush is a lot harder to get clean than the others so I always start with that one first. It doesn’t take too long for them to dry, but ensure they are fully dry before using them to apply your make up.


Are there any tips you guys use for cleaning make up brushes?

I have recently just bought Love Tanya so I will write a book review when I have finished it! Oh I forgot to mention…TANYA BURR FAVOURITED MY TWEET. Tanya Burr is my role model and I really look up to her. She is close to 3 million subscribers so I tweeted her and she favourited it. I was so happy I cried! I have waited for her to notice me for a very long time. I couldn’t believe it. You can see the screenshot below.


I hope you are all okay and enjoyed my blog post.

Inspired Elegance xxx


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