Peaches & Co



So today I wanted to do a blog post all about my new order I just received from Peaches & Co. I first discovered this company through blogging and on Twitter. The company is ran by a graphic designer name Danielle Jeffery. You can tell she has passion and imagination throughout her designs.

She sells phone cases for Android and Apple, pocket mirrors and A5 designs. She creates some of her designs through watercolour & digital layering techniques.

I ordered the ‘Dreamer’ phone case as it just sums up me in a case, also I love how creative the design was and I loved the colours. I thought £15 is great value.

I also ordered the ‘Concealer that B’ pocket mirror. I couldn’t believe how cute the design was! For only £4 how could I not resist?! I am always using my phone to apply my lippy when I am out and about, so a pocket mirror was an essential I much needed.

Peaches & Co were doing a lovely 25% discount for bank holiday the weekend I purchased these items. It came to about £14! Which I thought was such a reasonable price.

My order came so quickly which I was really pleased with! The items were such great quality too.

I will definitely be purchasing from peaches & co again and be telling all my friends about them!

Danielle was lovely to me as well when I tweeted her and messaged her about how pleased I was with my order.

I recommend you all to check her cute shop out.

Instagram: @peachesandcoshop

Inspired Elegance x



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