Snow makes everything pretty…

Hello lovelies,

So a couple of weeks ago we had snow! I actually don’t like snow, but it only lasted for one day so I was quite happy. I went for a cute walk in the morning with one of my bestfriends and her dog and took some pretty pictures.



Have you had any snow?

Inspired Elegance xxx


2015: what it was to me

Hello lovelies,

So I have scheduled lots of blog posts and I am finally putting a lot more time and effort into blogging. I have taken lots of pretty pictures of new make up, new shoes, some cute outfits and lots more. I am so excited for you to read them.

Now this is a little bit of a late post for saying January is almost over but I wanted to sum up 2015 in a blog post…it was quite a year!


So one of the first main things that happened in 2015 was I went abroad for the first time of my life! Now a lot of people probably can’t believe I have never left the UK, but unfortunately I haven’t. I went to Barcelona the end of January last year with my textiles class for my final unit. It was quite scary getting on a plane for the first time, but I felt very relaxed being around all my friends. I literally loved being in a different country and I can’t wait to leave England again! You can read all about Barcelona here.


Another thing that happened in my life last year is that I left college! I have to admit I was very happy to leave because I found A Levels incredibly hard. I made some great friends through out college and I laughed alot. I will definitely be keeping them memories in my heart forever.


The start of summer me and my boyfriend split up. Obviously I’m not going to talk about it all on my blog as it is personal and private, but it was a mutual decision. Some things just don’t work out and I have no regrets. I felt like I needed to add this into this blog post as obviously it changed my friends and life style quite a lot. But it also made me such a better and stronger person.


The next chapter that came in my life is I left my part time job, Debenhams. This was due to starting my career in Social Media and Digital Marketing, which definitely has to be a highlight of 2015 because I love my job so much! I made some great friends whilst working at Debenhams which I still stay in contact with and have nights out with now and again. Above is a photo from my ‘Leaving Debenhams’ night out.


Another exciting thing that happened last year was I went to my first ever festival! You can read all about it here. I made some great friends at YNOT and it probably was one of the best weekends of my life, I still say that even now. I have never laughed so much in one weekend and been so happy. I will never forget the memories from that weekend (except the ones that are a bit fuzzy). You can read all about YNOT here.


2015 also brought me one of my bestfriends! Me and Amy did already know each as we both failed in the same Business class at college (oops) but we never really spoke. We went on a night out together because we were both bestfriends with the same girl and ever since then we pretty much seen each other every week, have gone on hundreds of nights out and had so many laughs! I love my bestfriend so much, she has been such a good friend to me and given me some great laughs.


I also turned 19 last year! Wow 19?! It didn’t seem 5 minutes since I was turning 18 and going on my first ever night out. I had a great birthday! Probably my favourite birthday. I went to Sheffield on the Saturday shopping with the girls, then Saturday night we all went to Notts for a night out. None of my friends had been to Notts before so we all really enjoyed it. I remember it turning 12:00 and me screaming because it was officially my birthday.


Unfortunately 2015 took away one of my friends. RIP lovely, you will be missed by so many xxxxx

So 2015 did have its ups and downs, it was quite a busy year now that I have thought about it. I have made some great friends, been given memories I will never forget but most importantly I have learnt to love myself.

Loving yourself is a very hard thing to do, I found it very hard. 2015 taught me to focus on myself and my goals. I am a lot more confident, happier and feel like I have become a better person. It does take time though, I am even still working on it now. But I think it is so important to sometimes in life put yourself first and not others. Think about your feelings and how you are so important as well. Remember that everything happens for a reason and even the worst situations will leave you so much stronger.

I hope you are all okay and have a great and healthy 2016.

I look forward to focusing on my blog again this year.

Love ya all

Inspired Elegance xxx

Favourite things about Christmas



Hello lovelies,

Christmas is coming up and everyone has those traditional things they love about it every year. One thing I do look forward to once it hits December is advent calendars! I love choosing which one I am going to have and remembering to open it each morning. I know I am starting to get older as sometimes I have to have 2 in one day. This year I chose to have Malteasers and it has jokes in which is cute haha.


As you know I LOVE penguins, another one of my favourite things is how much penguin merchandise comes out during Christmas. Whether it’s Christmas cards, wrapping paper, stockings, teddies or just jumpers. This means I get to wear my penguin Christmas jumper! I love my Christmas jumper because it is quite subtle and it is cute.


I also love buying my friends and family presents. I get so creative and I can think of some really thoughtful ideas. I love wrapping them up as well and making them really pretty by adding bows etc. It takes me ages to find gift bags and wrapping paper that I like! I cannot just buy any old wrapping paper, it has to be nice haha!


I LOVE Christmas parties as well. I love dancing to all the Christmas songs and playing all the traditional games you only really bring out at Christmas! It is just so much fun haha!

What are your favourite things about Christmas?

Inspired Elegance xxx

Blogging for a year…

Hi Guys!

I can’t believe I have had my blog for a year…wow. It has gone so quick! Unfortunately these last few months I have been extremely busy and have had to stop for a while. But now Christmas is coming up I have a lot of time to start blogging again. I have lots of Christmas ideas hehe I am so excited.


I hope you are all okay.

Inspired Elegance x


Outfit of the week (8) – Autumn Inspired

Hello my lovelies!

Wow, I haven’t done an outfit of the week for a very long time. These were some of my most popular blog posts so I thought I would start doing them again on a regular basis! As you all probably know it is now my favourite season so that means I can wear my autumn/winter clothes! I feel a lot more confident in these clothes as I feel like I become much more fashionable.


Just before my festival I bought a brown cloak to keep me warm throughout my festival, however I think it is perfect for Autumn. This goes with everything; dresses, skirts, jeans or just leggings! It is such a nice brown and it keeps you very warm. I have styled this with my new skirt which I bought from New Look (no surprise). I literally adore the pattern of this skirt and you can dress it up or down. I always prefer to wear a black top with this skirt however white goes just fine! My black top is 3/4 length sleeved and is just off the shoulders. To finish this outfit I think brown boots go perfectly with it. It just makes it that extra autumnal and makes me feel super cute.

autumn2 autumn3

Cloak: Primark £10/£12
Skirt: New Look £15/£20
Top: New Look £10
Boots: New Look £20

Feel free to tweet me any of your autumn outfits at @inspiredelegan or comment your blog link and I will happily visit your blog as I love reading new blogs!

Inspired Elegance xxx

Autumnal make-up

Hello lovelies,

The leaves are finally turning brown, the air is starting to cool and the days are becoming shorter. Autumn is here. Autumn is my favourite season, I get so excited for it. Maybe too excited…

I love the colours in autumn. I love going on walks as I think that everywhere looks so pretty. I find that I wear nicer clothes in Autumn compared to Summer and Spring and I have no idea why.


So today I thought I’d blog a few of my make up items that I will be wearing these next few months. I wear a lot of browns and golds with a dark shade of lipstick.

I recently just treated myself to a new Mac lipstick in the colour ‘Sin’. This shade is gorgeous and it is perfect for Autumn. If you are a little nervous of wearing a dark shade,  use a lipstick brush and gently apply it on with the brush instead of using the lipstick straight to your lips. This then makes it a lot lighter and then you can gradually start building the layers up when you feel a little more comfortable.


I have just bought Tanya Burr’s new eyeshadow quad. I think this is just ideal for autumn as it contains golds and browns. It also has a really cute glitter shade which is nice for if you are going out. I have been loving the sleek contour kit lately and I find that this is such a nice shade. It isn’t too dark for my skin and it blends in so nicely. The highlighter I have been using by Rimmel gives your cheeks that little shine as they can become quite rosey in the autumn time. I find that I use a little more foundation in the Autumn and Winter time as my cheeks and nose get very red, so Rimmel’s 25 hour foundation is really ideal for me. The concealer I have been using lately has been giving me some great coverage under my eyes, it is at such a good price as well!


Let me know what your favourite Autumnal beauty products are; I look forward to reading them!

Inspired Elegance xxx

A Deserved Break: Yorkshire

Hi guys!

So just over a week ago I went to Yorkshire with my family. I was really looking forward to this little holiday as I just needed to get away and relax for a bit.


I find being by the sea a great stress reliever. I have such a complex mind and think about so much sometimes causing myself to get stressed, that just walking on the beach and watching the sea really does relax me and calm me down. I would love to live on the coast.

swimmingpenguin penguin

My favourite animal is a penguin and I got to see them in Scarborough. They were so cute and I got to get so close to one of them on the footpath. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to stroke them but I couldn’t believe how friendly he was.

penguins me

The scenery was so pretty with all the cliffs on the coast. It was such a nice little break and a chance to just have some me time.

‘Life feels better by the sea.’

I hope you all have had a nice summer break!

Inspired Elegance xxx