2016 Favourites


In 2016 there were a lot of products I used again and again. Here are a few of my 2016 favourite products.

Spectrum Brushes:
During 2016 I bought quite a few Spectrum Brushes. They are not too expensive, they are very pretty looking, they are very soft and they don’t malt. The brushes are vegan and cruelty registered. I first heard of Spectrum Brushes on Twitter, I noticed a lot of beauty bloggers were using them and recommending them. I also saw celebrities were starting to review and advertise them. I bought my first set in the sale and I couldn’t stop using them. Recently my collection has grown and I now understand why they are always selling out. You can visit Spectrum brushes at: https://www.spectrumcollections.com/

MUA Highlighter:
I am obsessed with highlighters and I think it has to be my favourite make up product to apply. My friend recommended the MUA highlighter to me this year. It is only £3.00, is very pigmented and comes in a lovely pink or white shade. I highly recommend this highlighter because it is great value for money. http://www.superdrug.com/MUA/MUA-Undress-Your-Skin-Highlighting-Powder—Pink-Shimmer/p/633150

MAC Lipstick (Persistence):
I think everyone knows how much I love my MAC lipsticks! A shade I used a lot last year was ‘Persistence’. This is a matte shade and is a nude lipstick. This shade goes with a lot of make up looks and it is quite subtle.

Lazy Days Zoella Candle:
I love candles. I always have to light a candle whilst I am chilling in my room. When I heard that Zoella was bringing out a range of candles I was really excited. My boyfriend bought me ‘Lazy Days’ for our lazy Sundays. It is a calming scent and quite fresh. They are £10.00 from Superdrug.

Instax Mini 8:
I have had my Polaroid for a few years now and I still love it. The film is quite expensive but the Polaroid does capture the cute memories.


NYX Liquid Lipsticks:
NYX came to my local boots store this year so I have been trying a few of their products. I have tried their liquid lipsticks and they are amazing! They stay on for a really long time, they have lots of different shades and they are only £6.50. They are light on the lips which is great because some liquid lipsticks are very thick.

MAC Air of Style:
I have never tried MAC perfume before but I love MAC Air of Style. It is quite a fruity scent and it stays on for a while. It’s a little pricey for just 30ml, but the smell is gorgeous!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray:
Urban Decay setting spray is the best setting spray you can buy in my opinion. I just couldn’t believe how long my make up stayed on for – especially after a night out. It is about £22 but I do believe it is worth if. I bought mine from Debenhams!


Sleek I Divine Palette Enchanted Forest:
I have bought from Sleek a highlighter, eyebrow and contour kit but I have never purchased their eyeshadow until last year. I loved the shades in this pallete and they blended nicely. The eyeshadow is pigmented and stays on. I love how I can pop this small pallete into my bag or take it on holiday. I bought mine from Boots: http://www.boots.com/en/Sleek-I-Divine-palette-Enchanted-Forest_1744236/

iPhone 6s:
Another thing I loved last year was my new iPhone 6S. I had the iPhone 5s before which I had for 3 years. It had been dropped a few times, was a little bit scratched, the silent button had broke and the screen didn’t always work. I bought my iPhone 6S in a rose gold because I thought it was so pretty. It is a lot better than my old phone, bigger screen, quicker and the camera is higher quality.

There were some great new films which came out last  year. Finding Dory had to be my favourite, new 2016 film. The otters were SO CUTE! If you have watched Finding Dory you will know exactly what I am talking about. My boyfriend bought me baby Finding Dory because she is just adorable. I watched Big Hero 6 for the first time last year and I think it is my all time favourite disney film. It is quite emotional but I think everyone needs a Baymax in their life…and I now have one.

So they are just a few of my favourites from 2016. Please let me know what yours were! I’d love to discover some new products.

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Belated favourites


Okay so my blog posts that I said would be up every Wednesday didn’t happen this Wednesday due to my exams coming up and my last final weeks of College. Lets just say it has been very stressful. I am getting prepared for my exams now though and feeling a lot more confident about myself and future. I am very excited to finish college.

So I haven’t done a monthly favourites since January so I thought I would just show you a few of my favorite things I have been using a lot recently. Some are new and some I have been using for ages.


Love Tanya-
I bought this book not long ago and I haven’t had time to read it as frequently as I would like to…however I love it! I am just under half way through and I am really enjoying Tanya’s beauty tips and learning more about her.

Floral phone case-
I bought this in London and it was very cheap. It is super cute and it has been on my phone ever since. It is good quality as well due to none of the print coming off.

Enchanted Grace perfume-
Okay so I have to admit I have had this for ages but I have only just started using it. It is such a ‘fresh’ and ‘pretty’ scent and makes me feel very Spring like.

I have heard so many reviews on this so I just had to buy it! I am very pleased with it and it has great coverage. It hides my blemishes and dark circles underneath my eyes.

Benefit pore professional-
As I mentioned in my ‘If it’s blue it’s mine’ post, my friend Emily gave me this and I think it is amazing. It definitely does the trick and it makes my foundation go on lovely after using this.

Maybelline Mascara-
I have also read so many good reviews on this mascara and for a drugstore brand I think it is very good. I love the shape of the brush and it applies very evenly and not in huge clumps like a few drugstore mascara’s do.

Batiste Dry shampoo-
I love the packaging of this dry shampoo and the scent is gorgeous. It has came out in such a perfect season. If only it wasn’t limited edition…

Dr rescue baby lips-
I do love baby lips however the Dr rescue ones are amazing. I prefer them so much more to the ordinary ones and I have been applying it everyday since I bought it. I highly recommend it.

Real techniques Blush brush-
I have never been a fan of using much blusher however since I bought my Revlon highlighter I just can’t stop using this brush. It is a cute pink, good quality and applies the blusher on perfectly.

Revlon highlighter-
I first heard about this in Tanya Burr’s video so I just had to treat myself to some. The colours go lovely together and it makes my cheeks look just that extra pink.

White block sandals-
I have wanted some of these for ages! They were mentioned in my wish list post and I am so glad I bought them. I wear them mostly with my high wasted jeans but they go with pretty much anything. 100% worth the money.

So guys that is all my ‘belated favourites’, a bit of each month really. I hope you enjoyed reading my post! Thank you for all the continued support. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @inspiredelegan and Instagram @_inspiredelegance

Thanks! Love you lots.

Inspired Elegance xxx