January Favourites



Hello lovelies,

I can’t believe it is February. That means I have officially completed dry January! My friends, family and boyfriend all thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. But I didn’t have a single drop of alcohol and I didn’t even miss it.

I had quite a few beauty products in January that I just couldn’t get enough of!

Urban Decay – Smoky Palette

My all time favourite during January was my Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette. I have started doing my eye make up quite dark lately and this palette has some gorgeous shades. I use the shades password, whiskey, combust and thirteen for a more natural look. I find the shades high, dirtysweet and radar go really well together. The dark colours in the middle of the palette create the perfect smoky eye. Overall Urban Decay hasn’t failed to dissapoint me. These colours are gorgeous and very different to their other Naked palettes. I also love the brush that comes with this eye shadow palette as I find it is great for blending.


Clinique – Even Better foundation

At the start of January I bought my first ever designer foundation. I have only ever used drugstore foundations however I thought I would treat myself and get my skin matched. The lovely lady within Debenhams, Clinique found the perfect colour for me. I have used this foundation everyday. The foundation costs £25 and I do really think it is worth the money as it has great coverage. It is great if you are buying your first designer foundation!

MAC – Copperplate Matte Eyeshadow

For Christmas I got bought this gorgeous MAC eye shadow. This is now my second MAC eye shadow and I can honestly say it is so good! I don’t have any similar colours to this and it is so pigmented. MAC eye shadows can be a little pricey as they about £13 and it is only a small tub; they do last ages though!

Urban Decay – All Nighter

This is my life saver! I always used to borrow Amy’s before a night out and it actually kept my make up on! It is so good and really worth the money. I used to get scared and think it would make my make up run when I sprayed it, but it doesn’t aha!

Yves Saint Laurent – Concealer

I have needed a designer concealer for a while now and this is definitely worth the money. It has amazing coverage and it stays on for the whole day. I love the packaging as well!

Yves Saint Laurent – 206

My first every YSL lipstick! I am in love with this colour. This lipstick is so lush and stays on for such a long time. Also the packaging is gorgeous. Perfect for winter.

MAC Lipstick – D for Dangerous

I can never ever not like MAC lipsticks, there will always be one in my favourites! I have a thing for matte lipsticks at the moment and this colour is so pretty.


NARS – Contour Blush

This was a lovely Christmas treat! The colours are gorgeous and it is very pigmented. It is a little pricey though as it is about £30. However it has great coverage and the product lasts ages.

Real Techniques – Flat Contour Brush

This brush is from the Real Techniques bold metals collection. I love the colour of this brush, it is a beautiful rose gold. I love how it has such a long handle as well because I find it easier to apply my make up with. The bristles are very soft and gentle on the skin as well.

Have you used any of these products before? Comment links to your favourites below as I would love to read all about them.

Inspired Elegance xox


Lipstick obsessed!

beauty.jpgHey guys!

I really need to start writing more blog posts but I have just been so busy because of college and work. I thought I’d write about my lipstick/lip balm collection because it is slowly growing. Whenever I am going out I always have to wear some lipstick or if my lips are getting dry I have to wear lip balm. The picture above is not of my full collection but it is just a few I had with me at the time and picked out.

My lip balm that I use a lot is my blistex raspberry lemonade blast. It smells gorgeous and tastes quite nice too aha! It keeps my lips from becoming dry and I apply it before I go to sleep, when I wake up and before I go out.

I also love Tanya Burr’s lip gloss ‘vampire kiss’, it doesn’t have any glitter in which I love because I don’t like lip glosses that contain glitter and it is very affordable as well. It is the perfect gloss for a night out with friends.

My NARS lipstick ‘fire down below’ is one of my favourites! I wrote a blog post about it not long ago which you can read at https://inspiredelegance.wordpress.com/2014/12/29/new-beauty-products/ and find out more about this lipstick.

My Mac lipsticks will never fail to disappoint either. I have 3 and they are the ones I use constantly. I have rebel, amorous and la vie en rouge. I would not be able to pick a favourite out of them because I just love them all.

Well there is a bit about my lipstick collection! What are your favourite lipsticks? I’ll hopefully be doing another blog post this week.

Inspired Elegance xx

New beauty products

Hey guys!

BeFunky_null_3.jpgSo for Christmas I got a few new beauty products. These include my new eos lipbalm, my benefit mascara, my benefit eyeliner, my NARS lipstick and my benefit brow zings palette. I thought I’d write small reviews on them so you guys know what they are like and whether you should get them or not.


NARS semi matte lipstick- Fire Down Below – £17.50

I’m going to start with my NARS lipstick which is my favourite lipstick at the moment. I decided to go for a dark red colour as I already have a lot of bright reds. The price of this can vary depending on the the shop/website. This lipstick stays on your lips for a very long time and is easily applied. However the thing that disappointed me was I was expecting it to have a more of a ‘matte’ finish but overall this is a very good lipstick and is worth the money.


Benefit brow zings palette- £24.50

I love this palette! Its small and handy so it will fit in your hand bag. It contains a blending brush, tweezers and a hard angle brush. To use on your eyebrows you put on the pigmented wax first to shape your eyebrow, you do this with the hard angle brush. Then you use the blending brush to apply the natural-shaded powder, this is for setting and filling in any gaps. The palette comes in three different shades; light, medium and deep. I went for medium and if its too light for me I can keep building it up to get it to how dark I want it.


Benefit they’re real mascara- £19.50

This mascara is the best mascara I have ever used. It makes your eyelashes look long and stays on all day. This mascara has very good reviews on it as 100% saw long wearing results. The only bad thing I would  say about this mascara is that it is real hard to remove, make up wipes do not get it off. You have to use eye make up remover  to remove this properly. Benefit have their own make up remover that you can buy from many websites for £16.50.


Eos lipbalm- blueberry acai

This lip balm is one of the best lip balms I have ever used. I haven’t put a price as this varies a lot! Some places do it for £8.00, however I recommend you get it from Amazon because it is so much cheaper and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money. It smells so nice and leaves your lips feeling soft for hours. These lip balms are worth the money and I highly recommend everyone to buy them.


Benefit they’re real push up liner £18.50

This liner is very different to what I usually use however I love it. You twist the bottom and the gel comes up to the top and you can then start applying it. I find that this liner makes it a lot of easier to give you a straight line and also helps you do flick evenly. It doesn’t smudge and it stays on for a long time as well.